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Before he was detained in May 2014, human rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang made a 36-minutes video exposing the plight of Xiao Yifei, a local Chinese Communist Party member who was held in detention for alleged corruption.  In the video interview, Xiao described how he was physically abused and was forced to admit to his “crimes,”  while in detention. The video, made by Pu Zhiqiang Workshop, has been circulating in China’s online media. It is posted with English subtitles.
The original title of the video Interview on “Ningyuan Shuanggui” in Hunan (湖南宁远双规访谈实录). “Shuanggui” (双规) refers to a form of internal CPC procedure imposed on party members who are suspected of corruption or “violations of party discipline”. Under “Shuanggui,” meaning literally “double stipulations,” the  accused is  required to report to party authorities at designated times and places for questioning.  Ningyuan (宁远) County is located in Yongzhou, Hunan, Southeast China. 

Subtitles translated by China Media Project, JMSC, in collaboration with ChinaFile.